Solving the Measurement Problem and then Steppin’ Out over the Line Riding the Rarest Italian: Crossing the Streams to Retrieve Stable Bioactivity in Majorana Bound States of Dialy zed Human Platelet Lysates

Mark Roedersheimer*
Research, GITE/Burn Surgery, UC Denver, USA

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Exhaustive dialysis (ED) of lysed human platelets against dilute HCl yields stable angiogenic activity. Dialysis against a constrained external volume, with subsequent relaxation of the separation upon opening the dialysis bag, produces material able to maintain phenotypes and viability of human cells in culture better than ED material. Significant graded changes in MTT viability measurement tracked with external volume. The presence of elements smaller than the MW cutoff, capable of setting up cycling currents initiated by oriented flow of HCl across the membrane, suggests that maturation of bioactivity occurred through establishment of a novel type of geometric phase. These information-rich bound states fit recent descriptions of topological order and Majorana fermions, suggesting relevance in testing Penrose and Hameroff’s theory of Orchestrated Objective Reduction, under conditions more general, and on finer scales, than those dependent on tubulin protein. The Berry curvature appears to be a good tool for building a general field theory of physiologic stress dependent on the quantum Hall effect. A new form of geometric phase, and an associated “geometric” quantum Hall effect underlying memory retrieval, dependent on the rate of path traversal and reduction from more than two initial field influences is described.

Keywords: Acidity, Alzheimer’s disease, caveolin-1, cystatin c, ebola, geometric phase, hemodialysis, majorana fermion, metallic hydrogen, platelet lysate, quantum hall effect.